Welcome to the home of Unique Gemstones and Sterling Silver Jewellery Designs.


Welcome to Polyanna Designs - the home of handmade bespoke jewellery.


Why Polyanna, you might ask? Well, I'm Joanna, born in Poland, therefore Polyanna, a combination of the two words, sounds just perfect.  Also, the character Pollyanna was known as courageous and determined, and that’s quite like me too.  


I came to the UK in 2005 and it was once I was here that I started to feel like I wanted to do something different with my life. My inspiration came when I bought a gemstone and silver set as a gift for my husband; the quality of what I had bought was terrible! I was convinced that I could produce something better, so I told him that I was going to spend £20 on stock to make jewellery myself and persuaded him that if I sold the jewellery it would make us some extra money. As it turned out, I spent at least 50 times more than I had promised but it really was worth it in the end. I had an amazing time learning about, and being surrounded by, beautiful gemstones. So much so that, after the birth of my son, I took on the challenge of setting up Polyanna Designs, my very own jewellery business, alongside raising my family.


Running Polyanna Designs has been a real experience but one that has been completely worth it as I now have a wonderful established business selling amazing products to a variety of lovely customers, with whom I share my passion for sterling silver, gemstone and amber jewellery. I see my role as a very personal one: offering my customers a friendly, personalised service and high quality products is an absolute priority, and when a customer makes a purchase it is such a compliment and makes me feel an enormous sense of pride, it is like they are taking a little bit of me in their home and that is an honour.


Jewellery design is my way of expressing myself and your jewellery choices are how you express yourself. It is my lifetime passion to create unique, genuine and ever-lasting pieces in sterling silver, amber and gemstones. My work completely absorbs me and I put my heart and soul into creating, designing or choosing each piece of jewellery we sell. I think jewellery has its own soul and tells a unique story. Many of my collections are designed by me but created with the help of super-skilled designers based across the globe, therefore Polyanna is bringing you mainly one-of-a-kind designs made of sterling silver and stunning gemstones. 


Everything I create is focused fully on the customer. I am fascinated by the design of new forms of jewellery using traditional silversmith techniques and I was the first person to bring elegant, modern and timeless cappuccino flint to the UK, which we launched on TV in Autumn 2017.  However, our collection contains a diverse range of beautiful gemstones and amber set in sterling silver so there is something for everyone. Each gemstone is different, there are no two identical pieces, just like us humans! I would love you to appreciate the uniqueness of each piece, as no one gem will ever have the same patterns. They are as unique as you are!

Privately I'm happy wife of very good husband who supports me in my jewellery journey. We are blessed with beautiful inside and out children.


So, come on in and take a look around – you are always welcome at Polyanna Designs.


Joanna x

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