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About Polyanna

Polyanna Designs   was founded in 2007 by myself, Joanna Grygowska in North Wales, but the "heart" is continuously being given in Merseyside. It is a bespoke design studio providing the highest attention to detail and quality in hand crafted jewellery.

Whilst doing my Master's degree in Finance and Banking I was gaining experience in fashion design. It was then when I discovered a greater passion for jewellery making. It started through my never ending wish to change things that I see. This made me think why don't I just make exactly what I want.

My creations are for like-minded women, courageous, outstanding, passionate and with a strength for being unique.

The timeless design style of my jewellery is characterized by simplicity, elegance and exclusivity with harmonious colours and a bit of extravagance in some of the creations.

I strive to be my best, though I do dare to be different.

The whole Minerals Collection is absolutely in one-of-a-kind designs. The biggest collection is made of SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS. It is the premium brand for the finest crystal elements manufactured by Swarovski and is in the fashion world as a synonym of quality and luxury.

Privately I'm very lucky wife and mother to two treasures. I could even say that I've the most cuddly personal assistant who loves being next to mummy while experimenting with her own creations. 

My motto:

If you believe enough, you can walk through all closed doors. I believe. Do you?

The Mosaic of Life is created by all of us, but colour is given only by some.... 

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