All About Amber

Here at Polyanna Designs we use a range of gorgeous gemstones in our sterling silver jewellery including the wonderfully rich and versatile Baltic Amber that features in some of our most stand-out earrings, pendants, bracelets and rings.  Warm golden honey-hued amber is well loved across the globe but what do you know about this wonderful jewellery stone?

Well, first of all, amber isn’t really a stone! Amber is actually tree resin (sap) that over tens of millions of years has fossilized in the earth under high temperature and pressure. You may even have seen pieces of amber with perfectly preserved insects or plants fossilised inside!  So, although amber is considered to be a gem it is actually a completely organic and natural plant-based material that is extracted from rocks or found washed up on shores by the sea. It has been used in jewellery and for many other purposes over a vast period of time and Baltic amber is widely known for its high quality making it the most sought-after amber.

Baltic amber comes in a wide range of colours from the palest yellow (Butterscotch or egg yolk amber) through golden orange (Cognac amber) and even green and red (known as Cherry amber). In fact, no other amber has the diverse range of beautiful colours that Baltic amber offers. The colour comes from the presence of tiny air bubbles or organic pieces that were trapped inside the amber when it first formed and whilst the most common amber varieties are yellow they can be found in a whole range of tones across the colour spectrum, meaning that there are amber bracelets, rings, necklaces and earrings to suit every skin-tone and style.  

As amber is a living stone the colour of the amber changes over time so you may find that lighter amber pieces will become darker when exposed to sunlight and air as some of the oxygen within the amber stone escapes - this is, of course, all part of the natural beauty and charm of Baltic amber jewellery. Owning amber jewellery is like owning your own little piece of nature and amber is always a pleasure to wear.

Joanna’s connections to her homeland, Poland, enable her to access genuine, high quality Baltic amber for her jewellery making and she is also a proud member of the exclusive International Amber Association whose members include amber jewellery designers, jewellery producers, scientists, amber collectors, traders, and amber lovers.  Membership of this worldwide amber association is by nomination from existing members and must be management board approved, so only true amber enthusiasts are granted this honour.  This alone is an indication of Joanna’s dedication to keeping her amber knowledge updated and to her skill in creating outstanding amber jewellery. 

Using amber in her jewellery creations is one of Joanna’s main jewellery passions and we hope her amber jewellery will become one of yours too. You can be assured of the best quality and most beautiful amber in all our amber earrings, necklaces, rings and bracelets, with each amber stone having been chosen for its natural beauty and each sterling silver setting having been chosen to show off the amber stones to perfection.

To see the range of exceptional amber gemstone jewellery that Polyanna Designs has to offer in its imaginatively designed earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings then take a look at the amber jewellery range that we know you will love.  Our statement Chunky Amber Pendant may be just your style, or perhaps our vibrant Yellow Amber Stone Sterling Silver Studs would look perfect on you, and how about our elegant Vintage Green Amber Oval Drop Earrings guaranteed to make you feel special; the choice is yours and we offer a wide range of amber jewellery styles and colours throughout our website.  Each amber stone has been carefully chosen for its natural beauty before being set into a stunningly imaginative sterling silver design for your Baltic Amber jewellery delight.

All that’s left to say is that we hope you love our amber jewellery as much as we do and enjoy wearing your chosen amber jewellery even more!

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