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♥♥♥ YOU ARE A BEAUTIFUL CUPCAKE in a world full of muffins....
and you're adoring Polyanna's handmade jewellery, hurrah. ♥♥♥

Pyrite in Amazonite with Coral Necklace, Sterling Silver Wave Tubes, Fools Gold, Red, Blue, Grey Beaded Necklace; Round Coral, Chunky Twisted Barrels of Amazonite; Big, Chunky Stone Necklace.

A bold and beautiful piece, this gorgeous necklace features Coral beads and beautiful Pyrite and Amazonite. The rich colour of the coral pops against the muted tones of the Pyrite and Amazonite, bringing you a piece of jewellery that will look fabulous on any occasion.

I've made this necklace using the best quality jewellers wire of 49 strands, therefore its almost floating from your neck and never being stiff. The smooth movement makes the wire prone to kinking.
If you prefer a different length, please do contact me so I could add the extending chain or remove the unnecessary one. This personalised service is free of charge.

You'll receive this exactly one of a kind set in a high quality branded jewellery box with a compliment card.

Warm wishes,

Materials: Silver, Coral, Gemstone.

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