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There is beauty in simplicity, someone said once. Those dainty earrings do shimmer of many colours. You would see hints of many bright blues as well as green hues in those petite designs. The striking blue Opals are very subtle in its vivid blue colours, but undoubtedly do make a statement in their modern shiny but vintage style silver setting.

Life is to short to wear boring jewelry! Make a statement with yours.

⁎ Earring Size: 8mm
⁎ Metals: 925 hallmarked Sterling Silver
⁎ Natural gemstone: Opal
⁎ Treatment: Not Enhanced
⁎ Main Stone Origin: Israel

Your earrings will arrive in a stylish gift box with a compliments card.

Enjoy your unique piece.

With warmest wishes,

►If you would like know a bit more regarding my Opals there is the info:

There are different references to Opals including natural, synthetic, simulated, and mosaic. Ours are collaboration and foll under synthetic Opal, which is created in a Lab, but its’ properties, chemical, optical and physical, are identical to that of a naturally occurring Opal.
Whatever YOU decide, ALL varieties are quite beautiful! The simulated/synthetics are much hardier than their naturally occurring cousins, not so subject to temperature change, drying out, cracking or crazing. They can be, however, as expensive as the natural Opal, due to the long growing process (up to 2 years!). So, unless you are buying for investment purposes, find the stone you LOVE, and don’t worry too much about the How (or Who) of its’ creation. Enjoy it simply for the pleasure it brings!

Materials: Silver, Stone, Opal.

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