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Cappuccino Flint it also called Striped Flint. It is rarer than diamonds and can only be found in one place on earth,Poland, by the Holly Cross Mountains. Because of its rarity, it is also called "the Polish diamond" being 150 millions years old.

Striped Flint is a unique. It is individually created in bands. It resembles rolling waters, and when you knock one against the other, it sparks, making fire.

It has been named "the stone of optimism". Flint increases one's positive energies, and is a stone that joins fire, water and air in a unique manner.

Polyanna's collection of cappuccino colour Flint jewellery is selectively chosen and is for like-minded women, courageous, outstanding and passionate.

The timeless design of Flint is characterized by simplicity, elegance and exclusivity with harmonious colours and a bit of extravagance in some of the creations.

***PLEASE do note, that you will receive the shape and size of the purchased design in this listing, but the stone pattern will be unique just for you. I'll do my best in trying to select the most similar bands arrangement for you as those on the photo listing. When you will choose sets I'll do my best to match the patterns too. The individuality is not a fault of the pieces, but a true beauty of its original design, and no one in the world will have the same. Now, you could feel privileged of owning something truly one of a kind. ***
Your piece will arrive in an elegant box with a compliment card.

Enjoy your unique piece, warm wishes, Joanna

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Materials: Silver.

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